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Mental Health & Well-being

Browse from our list of verified organizations providing support and counseling for any kind of mental health issues, relationship-related counseling, anxiety, stress, etc.


Wellness Mandala Private Limited (WellM)

"WellM is an innovative & effective holistic wellness company that provides an ecosystem to enhance wellbeing & quality of life". We believe that making some simple lifestyle changes can do wonders for your body and mind. With our comprehensive solutions, we help you adopt a lifestyle that keeps you mentally fit, physically healthy, and holistically well. Studies indicate that most of the health challenges faced are due to psychosomatic reasons. Hence as a starting point, our tools & advisory help you understand your current health status. We provide guidance on how to regulate and manage anxiety, the root cause of several lifestyle disorders such as sleep quality, diabetes, BP, cholesterol, thyroid, PCOD, heart issues & more. WellM solutions are supported through an all-encompassing App that engages you on daily basis to be proactive on your wellness journey.
Helpline Number: 9810161981
Email: contact@wellm.co
City: Gurgaon

The Bright Side Foundation

The Bright Side Foundation is a registered Mental Health NGO, established in 2020, aiming at building mentally healthy communities in India. Bright Side is led by 7 Board of Directors and a strong team of 40+ members and 30+ volunteers with official wings in Hyderabad and Bangalore. Our Projects involve • Social and Emotional Learning skills for Adolescents • Free Counselling Services for those in need • Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing Sessions for all age groups • Training individuals in Psychological Firstaid and Suicide Prevention Gatekeeping In the last 2 years, we have been able to reach out to 3000+ individuals through these projects We are a non-profit model. We receive funds from corporates like GMR for our projects from time to time.
Helpline Number: 9963368334
Email: thebrightsideorg@gmail.com
City: Hyderabad

Mann Talks

Mann Talks is founded on the belief that mental health is an integral and essential component of health. We believe that democratizing access to information, strengthening support systems and improving the quality of services has the power to transform millions of lives. Mann Talks focuses on empowering individuals to take charge of their mental health. We offer free and confidential counselling sessions to those suffering from mental health concerns themselves, as well as those around people who are struggling with their mental health (e.g.: caregivers and allies). All sessions are given by qualified and trained mental health professionals.
Helpline Number: 8686139139
Email: disket.angmo@manntalks.org
City: Mumbai

Ask Techsoft Care Pvt Ltd

DrSafeHands is a mission driven digital platform for addressing mental and sexual health needs. We also provide diagnostic and counseling services for sexually transmitted infections like HIV, hepatitis B & C and so on. We are confidential and non-judgmental.
Helpline Number: 919873223231
Email: admin@drsafehands.com
City: Delhi

Kshema Mind Care

Helping Hand to help individuals with mental health difficulties, best counselor award, good services for all economic classes.
Helpline Number: 09663077573
Email: kshemapsy@gmail.com
City: Bangalore

Lifeline Foundation

Lifeline was conceptualized 24 years ago with the vision to provide individuals a space to talk freely and anonymously. The Free Helpline helps the caller to unburden themselves in a confidential and non-judgemental environment. are an integral part of Befrienders Worldwide, which has an impact on suicide and suicidal behaviour through a network of 349 independent emotional support centres in 32 countries.
Helpline Number: 9830108298
Email: lifelinekolkata@gmail.com
City: Kolkata
Mpower - Colour_Logo

Mpower – The Foundation

Mpower is social initiative to stamp out stigma, promote awareness around mental health, provide quality services and upskilling capacities among mental health professionals.
Helpline Number: 1800120820050
Email: mpower.info@abet.co.in

SEVAC (Sane and Enthusiasts Volunteers’ Association of Calcutta)

A mental Health and human rights organization implementing a comprehensive program for the causes of the persons with mental illness
Helpline Number: 9830274031
Email: psengupta1@gmail.com
City: Kolkata

Saharsh Foundation

Saharsh Foundation is a NITI AAYOG registered trust working in the health and education sector. Saharsh Foundation gives in house as well as personal counselling in various aspects of life. It works with farmers, people in draught affected areas and their families, SHGs and with UG and PG Colleges. It provides its counselling services over phone through a helpline number, in-house counselling as well as visits in some cases.
Helpline Number: 7020242527
Email: harsh7193@gmail.com
City: Nagpur


ThatMate focuses on addressing the lack of proper sex and mental health education in India through our scalable learning solutions. India has 236 million children and adolescents aged 10-19 (world’s largest youth population) without any proper channel for discussing sexual and mental health-related topics. They help adolescents make informed decisions about their body, preferences, mental health and social life.
Helpline Number: 7022259524
Email: madhavi@thatmate.com
City: Satara

Fermata Career Counselling & Training

Fermata works with 13-30 years old in designing/redesigning their career path. The team has conducted 800 hours of career counselling and worked with 2000 students through career planning workshops. The career counsellors are experienced educators, industry experts, passionate entrepreneurs and happy parents, thereby, applying the varied experience of industry/sectors while guiding on making an informed career decision.
Helpline Number: 9901366375
Email: harmeet@fermata.co.in
City: Bangalore


Holistree is a first of its kind practical support system for Teens and Young Adults supporting individuals in designing their Career journey & Building relevant character,mindset & skill set required for your career journey. Career is a beautiful combination of Heart & Mind & thus they have designed a very in-depth & realistic process in not only figuring out your career journey but also to create a support system for your journey ahead. Holistree specializes in Teen & Young Adult challenges which include Random Behavioral Change, Relationship, Peer Issues, Parent-Child Relationship, Self Image, Body Image, which overall has a direct-indirect impact on your career journey
Helpline Number: 9833088839
Email: info@holistree.in
City: Mumbai

Mind’s Eye

Working for people with mental crisis, stress, depression, less concentration, distraction, de-motivation, marital disharmony, hopelessness, loneliness, suicidal tendencies, inadequacy, child-parents relationship, career orientation, frustration, anger management etc.
Helpline Number: 9051815449
Email: rupacrea94@gmail.com
City: Kolkata

Brainberg Knowledge Solutions

Brainberg Knowledge Solutions[ ( India 500 startup award -Winner) & ( Indian Achievers-Promising startup award- Winner) is an innovative Psychology based company in Pune backed by passionate people from the field of Psychology, Medical Sciences, Technology, Data Science and HR which is growing rapidly by evaluating Psychometrics, Mental health, Counseling and Training. ‘Measure the Unmeasurable’ is our mission, We measure minds and assess temperament, through its services and products Brainberg mediates the changes in lives of people from unease to ease. We strive to accomplish our goals through our services backed by the latest technology.
Helpline Number: 9823528572
Email: Vishal@brainberg.in
City: Pune


Our mission at TickTalkTo is to extend frictionless access to mental healthcare. For people facing emotional difficulties, TickTalkTo is a cloud-based platform that connects them with mental health experts who can help them lead happier and healthier lives. We enable tele-psychology, psychometric assessments and analytics via mobile apps.
Helpline Number: 8054818430
Email: abhay@ticktalkto.com
City: Mohali


eMbrace Lives aims to provide vital care to the vast population affected by mental health problems, and to make evidence-based treatment easily available across India. eMbrace Lives provides a range of psychological testing services to help you understand yourself/your child better.
Helpline Number: 9971576800
Email: info@embracelives.com
City: New Delhi


iCALL – Initiating Concern for All is a pioneering and an empowering mental health project which was started in 2012 by School of Human Ecology, TISS – Mumbai. iCALL endeavours to provide professional and free counseling through technology assisted mediums such as, telephone, email to anyone in need of emotional support, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation or race, and transcending geographical distances while ensuring confidentiality.
Helpline Number: 9152987821
Email: icallhelpline@gmail.com
City: Mumbai


We are a not-for-profit organisation working in Goa, India for 24 years to make mental health services accessible and affordable. Sangath is committed to improving access to mental health across the age spectrum and we believe this is best achieved by empowering the community. We endeavour to address the psychological and social needs of those in our care through holistic interventions that take care of their bodies as well as their minds. Though we are committed to bringing positive change in society through science and innovative technology, the ‘human’ approach remains at the center of all we do.
Helpline Number: 01141198666
Email: pooja.nair@sangath.in
City: Goa (HQ), Delhi, Bho

Shambhavi Singh

ThoughtAbility is a setting for Children, Adolescents & young adults to work on their Social- Emotional Needs. We work on a skills based model focusing on training that is needed for a more peaceful you! Therapy regarding Social - Emotional Concerns : Grief, Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Relationships, Self Work + Internationally trained in Child Protection Training &
Helpline Number: 8373910720
Email: ms.shambhavi.s@gmail.com
City: Noida