A Tech Mahindra Foundation Initiative

Finding Nemo

Where to Watch: Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Apple TV. This movie shows that Dory had long-term memory loss yet despite that she helps her friend to find his son. The animation talks about the importance of family which can be a great influence for children.

Dear Zindagi

Where to Watch: Netflix, Youtube, Google Play Movies, Apple TV. A classic for all Indian students as well as enthusiasts of Psychology, talks about how childhood neglect and improper expression of feelings can be emotionally damaging to a person, and how proper counseling and therapy can help the person to recover in the right manner.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Where to Watch: Youtube, Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV. No one can understand PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as well as a trauma survivor. This beautiful coming-of-age movie follows the life of socially awkward teenager Charlie who is always watching life from the sidelines—a wallflower who never participates. When two outgoing and free-spirited siblings from his school friend and mentor him, Charlie begins to discover the pains and joys of friendship, music, literature, love, life and more, while being encouraged to pursue his passion for writing. However, when his newfound friends and confidantes have to leave for college, Charlie’s inner anxiety and PTSD from his childhood trauma begins to bubble to the surface again. The film brilliantly captures a teenager’s mental health hurdles and chronicles his road to recovery

Inside Out

Where to Watch: Hotstar, Youtube, Google Play Movies, Apple TV. This movie appeals to a large number of audiences with a fictional-fantastical take on the complexities of human emotions. It shows how negating your sad emotions also takes a toll on your mind and how mental health falls into disarray with major life events as one is still growing up.