A Tech Mahindra Foundation Initiative

Live Love Laugh Foundation

Multiple blogs with diversity of topics under mental health and suicide/self-harm prevention, a quick read to help educate the readers on such sensitive topics. It is also available in Hindi.


This page contains a variety of blogs regarding mental health, self-love, lifestyle etc. to educate people about the topics and what to do in situations with respect to what needs to be done.

Hibiscus Foundation

The site promotes mental health advocacy and awareness, as well as social awareness such as LGBTQIA+ themes and stigmatized health issues. There are multiple articles and open letters for one to read and get educated. There is also a service portal for people to search for nearby therapists.

Put That Cheese Burger Down

The page is filled with information regarding terms used in mental health as well as multiple articles based on situations that can prove challenging to people with mental health issues.

MIND India

This site has a collection of blogs related to multiple topics under the domain of mental health and provides ample information regarding them, such as anxiety and depression, adolescence and aging etc.

The Mighty

The Mighty has an abundant variety of articles, stories to learn about health ailments of all kinds, along with free access to online communities to discuss and gain advice on the same. These also include people who themselves are diagnosed with such illnesses, hence can provide first hand advice on how to deal with their condition.