A Tech Mahindra Foundation Initiative

I am The Mind by Deep Trivedi

This book is based on Telugu language and it talks about not just the answers pertaining to all the facets of life – family, business, career, etc. but also the wisdom to lead your day-to-day life. Mr. Deep states that once you become the master of your mind, you will gain acute insight into others’ minds & thus will be able to know the frame of mind they are in & know exactly what thoughts propels them to do what they are doing, or the reason why they are doing, whatever they are doing.

All Education is Special Education

The article talks about how to normalize educating autistic children in normal schools rather than isolated environments, and how we can boost their integration in society rather than reducing them as a burden.

Examples and Signs of Gaslighting and How to Respond

This article talks about the psycho-emotional form of abuse that is called gaslighting, and elaborates on how it takes effect on a person. Reading about gaslighting can prove helpful in preventing others from taking advantage of someone through it.

A Stress-friendly Lifestyle

This article talks about managing physical health to boost mental health, which in turn helps in managing stress.

Exam Stress

The article expands on how to manage examination stress and anxiety, along with tips on how to manage your syllabi into understanding properly.

Live Love Laugh Foundation

Multiple blogs with diversity of topics under mental health and suicide/self-harm prevention, a quick read to help educate the readers on such sensitive topics. It is also available in Hindi.


This page contains a variety of blogs regarding mental health, self-love, lifestyle etc. to educate people about the topics and what to do in situations with respect to what needs to be done.

Hibiscus Foundation

The site promotes mental health advocacy and awareness, as well as social awareness such as LGBTQIA+ themes and stigmatized health issues. There are multiple articles and open letters for one to read and get educated. There is also a service portal for people to search for nearby therapists.