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Divija Bhasin

@awkwardgoat3: Divjia Bhasin is a therapist and creator who also has a podcast called, that’s awkward and has also featured on many famous newspapers and articles. On her instagram page she talks about mental health, psychology, relationships, education system, myths, sex education, therapy, body image, parenting, gender issues, stigma and self-esteem.

Yellow Club

@yellowclubofficial: This club aims to destigmatize and redefine the conversations around mental health. During COVID times they with their service one to one therapy helped around 2000 people. They talk about mental health, anxiety, draining relationships, Parenting, anger management, etc.

Project Ukiyo

@project._ukiyo: Project Ukiyo is a campaign whose focus is to promote mental health and well being among people. The term Ukiyo means a state of being where we live in the moment.

The Bright Side Foundation

@brightside_foundation: This is an mental health NGO in Hyderabad whose vision is to build mentally healthy communities. Their instagram page they talak about their podcast and important days like ‘world suicide prevention day 2023’, they take initiative on art like dance, music, etc. Their latest project Umeed helps to bring awareness for the kids in mental health relief, their mission for the same so far have been art therapy and mental health awareness. They also give free counseling services.

Ananya Pant

@ananyapant_: Ananya Pant is a counseling psychologist. She is inclined towards humanistic and postmodern approaches, her areas of focus are Self-work, Anxiety, Relationship concerns, Body image issues, gender and sexuality, work and academic stress. Her instagram page talks about her struggle as a psychology student, mental health awareness, lgbtq and daily life issues.

Dr. Era Dutta

@mindwellness.dr.era: Dr. Era Dutta is a psychiatrist who helps individuals fight with depression, anxiety, OCD with 12 years of practice. Her instagram page talks about mental health by chat gpt, reacting to celebrities on any topic about psychology, astrology, etc.

Over a Cup of Tea

@therapy.india: They have a qualified team of therapists based in Kolkata. It is a wellness psychological center and provides individual and couple therapy. Their instagram page talks about sexual fawning, Parentification, trauma, PTSD, boundaries at workplace, types of boundaries, griefing, intrusive thoughts, helplessness, anxiety vs stress, etc.

Light Up (EMF)

@lightupei: This is a NGO who works in the space of advocating and creating awareness about ‘Social-emotional learning’. Although their instagram page talks about mental health and encourages people to open up as well.

Unbottle Emotions

@unbottleemotions_: This is the extension of @lightupei. Their instagram page talks about anger management, negative emotions, EI, therapies, Mental health awareness, lgbtq, social emotional learning, impact of online education, etc.

Princy Saini

@getmetherapy: It is a service that helps people to get therapy. Their instagram page talks about anxiety, depression, burnout, relationships, children, anxiety, emotional intelligence, psychology, abuse, bullying, negative emotions like guilt, etc. They often make reels based on the topics above and the things they say can be really satisfying.